Web Traffic

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During the new website launch I was asked to give some indication of the web traffic for our domains. I thought it would be worth giving you all some idea about the statistics for the site as part of a general update.

The beginning

I started helping with the ADAPS website in 2007 with the forum was launched on 19 August 2007 and we have a lot of web traffic analysis going back to the early days of the site. This means that the forum will be 10 years old this year which is a fantastic achievement and it’s continued success is down to the participation from all of the club members.

The figures!

Back in March 2010 the forum was receiving an average of 4400 unique visits per month. This has increased since then and the monthly average is now 5100 visits per month. Thanks to our web hosting package our analysis tools have become a bit more advanced since the early days and we are now able to find out what type of visits we get, for example, which operating systems and if they are mobile or computer based visitors.

How are we viewing?

Visitors are generally all using Windows based machines (66%), however, there is a strong move away from traditional browsers such as Internet Explorer (5%) to newer more modern programmes such as Firefox (25%) and Chrome (36%). iOS (7%) leads the mobile race with more than double the Android figures (3%). There are also a surprising number of Linux (5%) users out there!

All in all this is an interesting picture and I would like to thank everyone for using the site!