ADAPS Triple Success at St Helens Interclub Competition

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Keith Barber, Keith Richardson and John Roberts


25th November 2017 saw the St Helens Interclub competition being held at Warrington PS. The result was a triple win for ADAPS and all three trophies. The picture shows judge Keith Barber, External Competition Secretary Keith Richardson and Warrington PS President John Roberts. Keith is holding one of the three trophies. Scoring was as follows:

Open Prints: ADAPS 139, Halton PS 136, Ormskirk 132, Warrington PS 127, St Helens CC 123, Wigan PS 123

Nature prints: ADAPS 71, Ormskirk 68, Wigan PS 68, Halton PS 67, Warrington PS 66, St Helens CC 59

DPI: ADAPS 111, Warrington PS 101, Ormskirk 99, Halton PS 98, St Helens CC 97, Wigan PS 96

At the half way point Warrington provided an excellent buffet and the evening finished with the presentation of the trophies. A very entertaining evening and a fantastic triple success for ADAPS. Judge Keith Barber had the last word, suggesting that ADAPS should drop the “amateur” from the name.

Many thanks from ADAPS to all who made the evening a success and the baton has now been passed to Wigan PS, who will host the event in 2018.

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  1. Andy Butler

    Top notch results their for the club – well done Keith and all involved! ☺☺☺

    • Andy Butler

      I meant there…

  2. Paul Jones

    Excellent result. 🙂