General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

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At ADAPS we are committed to providing clear and understandable information about Privacy. We have been working to ensure that we make provision to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and have systems in place that are suitable and manageable for the Society.

What have we done?

In April 2018 the Society published a draft Data Protection Policy to the Committee for consideration. The Committee duly considered their responsibilities and made appropriate changes and improvements. The improved policy was presented to the membership at the Annual General Meeting and approved.

In addition to the policy our website software and processes have been amended and upgraded to allow for individuals to retain control over their information and be removed at request.

Who is responsible?

The overall responsibility is maintained by the Chairman, however, all of the committee members whom are likely to come into contact with personal data are responsible for their actions and will act with honesty and integrity. Individual members also bear some responsibility. For example sharing personal email addresses and phone numbers without the owner’s consent would not be acceptable.


All in all this is a new regulation and we believe that the Society has made a reasonable provision to comply with the regulations. We hope that it is clear and concise but would welcome any thoughts on improvements. You can get in contact via our Contact Us page or by discussing with the Committee members during the usual Thursday meetings.

We hope that you enjoy our site, we spend time and effort is making it as good as possible and are glad that you have taken the time to visit us.