For those members who like to display their photographic talents, receive image appraisals, critique, recognition and even trophies and awards, ADAPS provides a stimulating and entertaining programme of photographic competitions throughout the year. Competition entry is entirely optional.

Set Subject Competitions

We now have two major set subject competitions, in both cases with fine new trophies to be held by the winners for the year. The Joe Jackson Straight Out of Camera Landscape Competition is held in December. It is for JPEG captures, straight from the camera with no post-manipulation whatsoever. The Terry Mooney Set Subject Competition is held in the summer, and the subject is different each year. 2017 is the first year and we are starting off with Street Photography. We also hold ongoing set subject online competitions on our Forum.

Photo Battles

We often meet up with other local camera clubs to do battle. Each club enters a set number of prints or digital images and these are assessed by an external judge who awards marks. At the end of the competition the club with the highest score has won the battle. It’s all very friendly – but we hate to lose 😉

Monthly Competitions

We hold a series of Monthly Competitions from September to February each year where members may enter photographs covering any subject matter that they like. Monthly Competitions are a great incentive to practise one’s hobby and get out and take some photographs. The Monthly Competitions season is spread over six months in the style of a league table, with entries appraised by a judge and marks awarded.

Annual Competition

At the end of the competition season each year we hold our Annual Competition where members enter what they feel are their best works of the year. An external judge is invited to assess each entry and to award trophies to the winners.

If any member would like more information about entering competitions please feel free to speak to the Competitions Secretary.